Machine learning + deep learning

With innovative methods of machine learning, we find hidden information, anomalies and patterns in your data. We develop models that allow you to make predictions about your production process, which as a result help in optimization and minimization of downtimes.

We apply machine learning + deep learning wherever data are being generated that can no longer be analyzed with conventional methods. We work with time series data, images, and videos. The following applications show examples for which we offer solutions:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Prediction of product quality: The ability to predict the product quality expected for each individual product during production enables adaptation of the process or may bring the production process to stop early in case of production of defective product.
  • Reduction of process fluctuations and start-up times: One example of systems that are susceptible to malfunctions and complex fluctuations is plastic injection moulding, which we optimize with machine learning.
  • Reduction of testing times and calibration: Manufactured sensors have to be tested and calibrated. Machine learning allows prediction of test results and calibration parameters.
  • Development of soft sensors
  • Pattern and anomaly detection in images and videos
  • Product development with sensor technologies and machine learning

 Our solutions range from embedded solutions up to cloud computing.

Machine learning in different application areas

We are skilled in machine learning methods and also have expertise in a wide variety of application areas. This allows us to successfully solve your problems using the latest methods of machine learning. We perform data analysis and develop models with current open source Libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras or Caffe using the programming language Python.

We use state-of-the-art hardware – from the cloud up to embedded devices.

We monitor the very dynamic field of artificial intelligence by studying scientific articles and attending international conferences to offer you the best possible solutions.

Custom-tailored consultation for machine learning

Together with different companies and research facilities with similar challenges, we also form active research groups to pursue common interests and synergies. We would be pleased to advise you whether your application can be solved with machine learning.

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