Condition monitoring

We offer application-specific recording and diagnostics of the machine and system status.

Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machinery and equipment is understood to constitute an essential part of the utilization (machine availability) and management of a manufacturing infrastructure.The assessment of machines, plants and infrastructure can be based on the functionality, operating condition or product quality. The recording of application-specific parameters can be based on various sensor values and their derived combinations (sensor data fusion), such as oscillations, vibrations, power consumption (e.g., electric or pneumatic) noises, pressure changes in hydraulic or pneumatic circuits, temperature, flow rates (air flows), humidity, contamination, and rotational speed.

It depends on the selection of the right sensor!

We not only help you select the right sensor principle. We also help you choose the appropriate sensor for the selected principle. Hahn-Schickard offers an extensive range of sensor modules to carry out initial measurements at our customer’s site and to identify and apply the right sensor and the right measuring point.
With know-how from Hahn-Schickard, customers can generate suitable plant and operating models and use this as the foundation for diagnosing operational changes (wearing parts) at an early stage in conjunction with accompanying simulations and corresponding analytical methods. By following this approach, unplanned downtime for machinery and plants can be avoided. In other words, the application-specific interpretation of this information ensures that predictive maintenance can be completed before a breakdown occurs.

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