We optimize your production with up-to-date, innovative optimization methods from the field of artificial intelligence. We find the global optimum for your target functions, which can also have several targets competing with each other.

We find the global optimum of non-linear optimization problems by utilizing globally converging optimization methods that are based on nature, such as Darwin's theory of evolution, genetics, or collective intelligence.
These methods are also utilized to solve multi-critical optimization problems that could have several target variables competing with each other. This makes it possible, to perform tasks such as maximizing product quality while minimizing production costs at the same time.
To find the optimum as quickly as possible, we utilize simulation models or models that are created automatically during optimization.

Expertise in various application domains

We have expertise and experience in optimizing complex and non-linear optimization problems in various application domains. In doing so, we utilize state-of-the-art hardware to quickly solve computationally intensive optimization problems. Our solutions range from embedded devices up to cloud solutions, and along with this statistical design of experiments round off our profile.

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