Software Engineering

As a development service provider, we develop the right software solution for you. Thanks to our interdisciplinary orientation we can also integrate your sensor systems in individual software solutions.

The application area of software ranges from the small integrated microcontroller and embedded systems based on Linux via desktop and server systems up to mobile applications on smartphones and tablets. With our software development competence we cover this entire range and create custom software solutions for you.

In addition to the classic programming languages such as C, C++, .NET, and Java, we also have programming expertise in and with LabVIEW, MATLAB and even VHDL, and apply model-driven techniques. The main focus of our developments is on communication solutions and gateways as well as mobile applications, among other things also for medical applications. We are not only bridging the technological gaps in communication, but also want to enable interoperability across communication standards on the level of data and semantics. Our communication approaches are used primarily in the application areas Internet of Things, smart home & living, as well as industry + process technology.

Communication solutions and gateways as well as mobile applications – including medical applications

Our broad base of knowledge and experience permits us to select the software platform that is best suited for you, or to support you with advice in the selection process, to then design and implement the optimal software solution. Close cooperation and interaction between our experts in the areas of microelectronics, electrical engineering, communication technology and software development, and our focus on thinking in terms of system solutions are your guarantees for an optimized total solution in the hardware and software.

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