Data analysis

Whether time series data, images or videos, we infer the information you need from your data by using the methods of digital signal processing, statistics, and machine learning.

The following application fields provide an overview of our capabilities:

  • Precise visual identification of components: Using unique, singular visual features allows us to identify components and microcomponents precisely and securely against forgery.
  • Sensor calibration/characterization: We establish calibration and linearization regulations as well as their coefficients for your sensors, and implement them in different platforms.
  • Pattern and anomaly detection: We analyze your data using digital signal processing and machine learning and uncover hidden patterns and anomalies.
  • Visualization of high dimensional data
  • Frequency analysis: We implement methods for transforming and analyzing your data in the frequency domain to detect periodic signal portions, such as vibrations, particularly well.
  • Classification: We develop motion and gesture recognition systems based on accelerometer measurements.

From classic methods to innovative AI approaches

We use state-of-the-art hardware and software for analyzing your data. With innovative machine learning methods, we can analyze and visualize even the most complex data to help you in its utilization.

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