Process development and transfer

In addition to developing new manufacturing methods and producing demonstrators and prototypes for MEMS sensors, our production line also enables series production in smaller and medium quantities.

Hahn-Schickard offers ideal development and production environments for microsystem technology in its own 1200 m2 clean room. All processes for silicon micromechanics are provided in our clean room as stable and qualified stand processes. On this basis, we develop customer and component-specific process chains for the manufacture of micromechanical components, as well as for their integration into the system. We then transfer this to production. In doing so, we support our customers throughout the process, from the design of a sensor up to serial production. This gives users the option to use an existing process to manufacture their designs. Saving on initialization costs enables the timely production of initial demos and prototypes.

Close collaboration with our customers

To ensure production capacity for the developed processes, close cooperation with our customers takes top priority as early as initial component development. All processes from development on through to series production are executed in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
Product-specific extensions of the quality standard have already been established in the past for customers in the medical technology, automotive and aerospace industries.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of inertial sensors and flow sensors, we are well equipped for new tasks.

I'm looking forward to your challenges.

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