Development and optimization of molecular diagnostics

We develop and optimize the correct method for your research question in the area of DNA/RNA analytics. Use our expertise to increase the sensitivity or the multiplex degree or for automating your assays.

Our portfolio ranges from classic methods, such as PCR, up to new approaches for isothermal amplification. A quantitative analysis of your sample can be carried out using real-time tracking or by means of a digital approach. In particular, we also develop our own verification methods, such as the mediator probe technology, to further increase the sensitivity and multiplex degree of your analysis. In addition to fluorescence-based optical detection, we have also established electrochemical verification methods. Furthermore, we integrate your assay in lab-on-a-chip systems and work on the convergence of different process steps, such as lysis, directly in the reaction mixture.

From digital PCR up to mediator displacement LAMP

We have many years of experience in a broad spectrum of molecular-biological methods, such as quantitative real-time PCR, digital PCR, LAMP and RPA. For an effective development and optimization of new detection reactions, we use statistical design of experiments, among other things, as well as specifically developed design and analysis software.
On top of that, we have access to biological safety laboratories (S2 and S3**) so that we can also work with relevant sample material and pathogens.
Application examples of successfully implemented interdisciplinary projects include the detection of antibiotic-resistant pathogens as well as personalized therapy monitoring in oncology and liquid biopsies based on circulating tumor DNA.

Your partner for assay development

Hahn-Schickard supports small to medium-sized companies in the development of their products. With the experience of our employees and the state-of-the-art technical equipment, we can offer a broad portfolio of technologies and services.

In innovative projects with us, you can also profit from current funding programs.

You are looking for a partner who will accompany you from your idea all the way to commercialization? Then you should contact us!

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