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Isothermal digital single cell amplification for the detection of antibiotic-resistant pathogens in hospitals (IDAK)

IDAK, a collaborative project of the innBW institutes aims at the optimization of the diagnostics of multimicrobial resistances. Key innovation is a fast and mobile diagnostic system for simultaneous detection of the bacterial pathgens and their antibiotic resistances. This simultaneous detection will be approached on the basis of single cells or cell clusters.

Compared to available systems, the IDAK platform shall enable clinicians to quickly identify infected patients. Furthermore, decision-making at the clinician's site is based on a very differential diagnosis. This leads to an optimal cohortion, isolation or de-isolation measure as well as to an effective antibiotic therapy. IDAK will thus lead to a reduction of the spread of hospital-acquired infections.





15.07.2015 to 31.03.2019
Cooperation Partner
Institut für Textil- und Verfahrenstechnik Denkendorf (ITV), Hohenstein Institut für Textilinnovation (HIT), Institut für Edelmetallforschung (fem), Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut (NMI) an der an der Universität Tübingen, Das Institut für Lasertechnologien in der Medizin und Messtechnik (ILM)
Maturity Level



  • DNA/RNA analytics
  • Assay development
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Digital amplification
  • Mediator probe technology