Multi-omics technology: One assay – up to three analyses

You require many information about your sample, but you can perform only a single test? With our multi-omics technologies, you can analyze your samples for proteins, protein-protein interactions, and nucleic acids at the same time.

With our multi-omics technologies, you can perform the analysis of nucleic acids (genomics, transcriptomics), proteins (proteomics), and protein-protein interactions (interactomics) in one assay. You only have a small sample volume and require information about different biomolecules and their interaction with very high sensitivity and specificity? Our digital assays can be performed on commercial digital PCR devices and combined with next generation sequencing (NGS) or integrated on our digital test platforms.

Innovative cross-sectional technology for bioanalysis

We explore the application of multi-omics technology in the area of oncology, virology, single-cell analysis, and infection diagnostics. In addition to that, we are open for additional research questions and design a multi-omics assay that is tailor-made to your application. Our multi-omics assays very convincing with an absolute quantification at a very high sensitivity (few fmol or less) and specificity. At the same time, only a few µL are needed as the sample volume. The simultaneous analysis of different biomolecules and interactions can be processed in a highly parallel manner.

Discover new multi-omics technologies with us

As an institute working in close collaboration with a university, we are strongly connected with other research groups. You are looking for a partner for your contract research/development or in publicly funded projects (EU, BMBF, AiF, etc.)? Profit from our know-how and get a deeper look into our portfolio.

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