Assay development in immunoassays + protein analysis

We develop innovative rapid tests for you. We offer tailor-made research and development services from classic ELISA to test strips (lateral flow tests).

At our research institute, we develop new, powerful, and cost-effective immunoassay technologies, which allow detecting several analytes at the same time (e.g. proteins, nucleic acids, small molecules, etc.). These procedures can be used for in-vitro diagnostics, on-site diagnostics, and bioanalysis. Our immunoassays are compatible with common test platforms, such as microtiter plates and lateral flow tests, as well as with microfluidic platforms.

Tailor-made rapid tests for protein analysis

Our customers profit from our experience and receive tailor-made assay solutions. The services cover immunological reaction design, electrophoretic separation processes, as well as the optimization of innovative detection methods. With the help of our surface functionalizations and bioconjugations, we implement tailor-made reaction designs and transfer them on different platforms, such as lateral flow tests, microtiter plates, and microfluidic platforms.

„The Hahn-Schickard team managed our project with exceptional skill, demonstrating deep understanding of its complexity. We appreciated the high responsiveness, transparent communication, and proactive problem-solving capability, ensuring timely deliveries despite challenges.”

Sandra Sanfilippo
R&D Manager, Stago

A strong partner in contract research

As an institute working in close collaboration with a university, we are strongly connected with other research groups. You are looking for a partner for your contract research/development or in publicly funded projects (EU, BMBF, AiF, etc.)? Profit from our know-how and get a deeper look into our portfolio.

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