LabDisk platform for automated analytics and diagnostics

With our LabDisk platform, we can run your diagnostic and analytic laboratory procedures fully automated on a cost-effective disposable test cartridge. The operating principle is based on centrifugal microfluidics.

The LabDisk platform makes automation solutions available for your assays within a short time

Using the LabDisk offers many advantages:

  • Reduced personnel and reagent costs through automationand miniaturization
  • Complex analytical procedures can now be executed by personnel with minimal training; this enables diagnostic and analytic procedures at the point of care
  • By reducing manual steps and due to the high precision of microfluidic liquid handling, the reproducibility is enhanced
  • The closed nature of the LabDisk systems, which do not rely on external pumps, reduces the risk of cross-contaminations

Our services

Our services include simulation-assisted development of fluidics, in-house polymer prototyping, and experimental evaluation up to proof of concept. In addition, for pilot validations or clinical studies we can produce larger quantities of cartridges in our Lab-on-a-chip production pilot line.

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