New systems for drop-based digital PCR

We develop new systems for digital molecular analyses: from digital PCR via isothermal amplification up to single-cell analysis in droplets.

In many areas, such as research and medical diagnostics, an exact identification and quantification of genetic material is necessary. Digital PCR enables a sensitive analysis and absolute quantification of a sample without the comparison with calibrators by means of a standard curve. 
We develop tailor-made digital amplification systems that are suitable for PCR as well as for isothermal methods, such as LAMP and RPA. In addition to the detection reaction, the quantity and volume of the compartments can also be adapted specifically to the desired application. Furthermore, combinations with sample preparation are also possible.

Everything from a single source

With our interdisciplinary team and many years of experience in assay development and microfluidics, we can implement complete solutions for your application.

Examples of successfully implemented conceptual designs range from PCR to non-invasive prenatal diagnostics up to drop-based, single-cell analysis in infection diagnostics. In current projects, we continue to develop isothermal assays for determining the viral load in companion diagnostics and digital multiplex PCRs based on circulating tumor DNA for liquid biopsy.

We invite you to profit from the advantages of digital amplification

Hahn-Schickard has state-of-the-art technical equipment with biological safety laboratories (S2, S3**) as well as a broad portfolio of production technologies to be able to address your problem effectively. Contact us so that you, too, can benefit from the advantages of digital amplification!

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