Wire bonding of gold, aluminum, and copper wire

Wire bonding is the most important standard technique for electrical contacting in integrated circuit packaging technology. Through wire bonding, highly integrated assemblies, such as COB or MCM assemblies, are possible. We use thin wire, thick wire, and

We offer innovative wire bond services, ranging from conducting feasibility studies to manufacturing of prototypes and through to small-scale series production on our fully-automated wire bond equipment. Hahn-Schickard is your partner of choice, whether the task at hand involves standard processes, such as thermosonic (TS) ball/wedge wire bonding of gold wires, ultrasonic (US) wedge/wedge wire bonding with aluminum wires or ribbon bonding of wide aluminum wires.

Our employees have extensive experience in wire bonding a wide variety of components on 2D substrates, such as PCBs, and challenging substrates with different metal layer systems, MIDs or even ceramics. The portfolio is supplemented with testing the wire bonds through wire peeling tests and die-shear tests, and with the possibility of performing accelerated service life tests. Our automated equipment for manufacturing and testing ensure uniform high quality and productivity for all manufacturing and testing processes.

Where required, the bonds can be protected by a potting compound (glob top) of epoxy resin or silicon gel.  If desired the assemblies can also be further processed to SMD components with a molding process, in-house at Hahn-Schickard.

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