Film-assisted molding technology

Almost pressureless encapsulation of sensitive microelectronic components with molding compounds that contain epoxy

Product-specific microsystem packages be produced robustly and inexpensively using the film-assisted transfer molding method. Previously it was necessary to obtain this technology largely from the Far East and it was designed for high-volume production. However our machine park provides a regional option, especially for processing of smaller quantities and customer-specific designs. We provide the entire process chain, from placement and manufacturing of die inserts to laser marking and separation.

We have various options for characterization of packages, including micro CT, X-ray transmission analysis, and an ultrasonic microscope. We also provide feasibility studies for your specific application.

Projects in the transfer molding area

In the transfer molding area we are currently working on industrial projects for automotive engineering companies and medical engineering companies. Moreover, we conduct thorough experiments for encapsulation of insert components, with the objective of providing robust and cost-effective encapsulation via thermoset. We are also researching MID engineering processes in conjunction with thermosets in publicly-funded projects.

We would be pleased to develop appropriate encapsulation for your products and support you right up to the series-production phase of these products. Do you need an individual solution? Then get in touch with us.

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