Micro injection molding for high-precision plastic components with ultra-fine structures

We manufacture micro-precision parts, microstructure parts, and high-precision – even large surface – parts with tolerances in the micron range through micro injection molding.

Hahn-Schickard has years of experience in the area of micro injection molding and the associated tools and dies. For our customers, we produce ultra-fine microfluidic structures, microstructures in the nanometer range <0.001 g, high-precision MID parts, and optical components.

Structure of micro injection molding dies

Micro injection molding dies are set up using our in-house, high-precision tool and die facility and ultra-precision machining. Various injection molding machines that are especially geared towards high-precision microcomponents and prototyping are available.

In addition to processing thermoplastics, we are also involved in processing thermoset materials via injection molding and transfer molding. This enables hybrid integration of microcomponents, MEMS components, and sensors via micro injection molding.

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