Microstructured die inserts

We enable manufacturing of microstructured and nanostructured die inserts, as well as integration of these inserts in injection dies for microfluidic and optical applications

In this regard, direct structuring techniques such as ultra-precision machining or laser processing can be applied, as well as indirect techniques that require a subsequent galvanic copying process. These techniques include direct laser writing, electron-beam writing, and LIGA techniques.

With our broad technological know-how we assist you in identifying the best technique for your application. In addition to manufacturing die inserts, we likewise offer the injection die layout of the component, as well as manufacturing the entire injection die. This enables fast and cost-effective replication of the microstructures in plastic. An extensive selection of measuring systems are available for characterization of the die inserts and replicated components.

Replication of your components in injection molding techniques

In publicly-funded projects we have already manufactured microlens arrays and diffractive optical elements. Moreover, we have many years of experience in manufacturing microfluidic die inserts that are essential for manufacturing microstructures with the utmost precision. In addition to the manufacturing of die inserts, we enable replication of your components in injection molding processes. For this we offer additional expertise in the area of injection molding simulation and tool and die making.

Through our strong link with the University of Stuttgart and the University of Freiburg, we have access to a variety of structuring technologies. We would be pleased to support you in selecting the suitable techniques.

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