Production of optical and microfluidic components via injection molding

Hahn-Schickard has many years of experience in manufacturing high-precision optical and microfluidic components. In this area injection molding or injection stamping processes are used to produce components in the highest quality.

Manufacturing microstructured plastic optics and microfluidic components requires the utmost precision. Through the tool and die making facility available at Hahn-Schickard die inserts with ultra-fine structures and optical quality can even be manufactured in-house and provided for the injection molding process. Several Arburg injection-molding systems are available for replication of the components via injection molding.

Tool and die making for injection-stamping dies

If the achievable precision of a classic injection molding process is insufficient for the requirements of a component, the injection stamping technique can be utilized. Injection stamping can significantly increase the quality for optical components and microfluidic components. The injection stamping tools and dies required in this regard can be designed and manufactured in our in-house tool and die making facility. Tool and die making, as well as the injection molding process are supported by our injection molding simulation.

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