Thermoset injection molding sets new standards for encapsulation of electronic components

Advantageous material properties make components reliable and robust

Thermosets are particularly resistant plastics that can no longer be thermally formed after curing. A whole range of advantages open up interesting perspectives for the material. These advantages include chemical resistance and the low viscosity. Such properties enable gentle encapsulation of electronic components and implementation in harsh ambient conditions.

By virtue of our experience in the area of thermoset machining we offer customer-specific solutions. For encapsulation of new applications via thermoset the reliability of the assemblies plays a major role. We enjoy taking on new challenges, through selection of the right materials and adapted process development. At Hahn-Schickard broad-based practical experience and expert knowledge intermesh.

Application in automotive technology and medical technology

In the area of thermoset injection molding we are currently working on industrial projects for automotive engineering companies and medical engineering companies. Moreover, we conduct thorough experiments for encapsulation of insert components, with the objective of providing robust and cost-effective encapsulation via thermoset. We are also researching MID engineering processes in conjunction with thermosets in publicly-funded projects.

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