Sensor readout + data acquisition – acquiring sensor signals correctly

Sensors map a physical variable onto an electrically measurable signal. This signal must be processed, e.g. in analog form, and fed to a closed control loop or digitized and processed further. In this context, we offer you solutions along the entire chain.

Our strength lies in equipping our in-house developed capacitive, resistive, inductive, and optical sensors with readout electronics harmonized with the sensors. As a rule, the sensor signal must be amplified, filtered, and digitally converted for further processing (e.g. with the help of a microcontroller). It makes no difference whether these are sensors with a voltage, current, or PWM signal. We are just as strong in offering the development of readout electronics for commercially available sensors with analog or digital output. For the further processing of the sensor data either embedded or FPGA-based electronics can be used, depending on the requirements.

Optimal readout electronics for every sensor

We are fully capable of developing the optimal readout electronics for every sensor. At all times we are always keeping an eye on low power consumption. In the field of capacitive sensors and the corresponding readout electronics, we can look back on 15 years of experience. For internally developed inertial sensors (for rotation rate and acceleration), we have already successfully developed several readout ASICs. We have extensive knowledge in analog signal processing, such as amplifier circuits, filter structures, or analog-digital converters, and we are also experts in the field of digital signal processing.

High-performance sensor readout electronics for your application

A sensor becomes usable in the application only through high-performance sensor readout electronics. Hahn-Schickard is your reliable partner for the development of a comprehensive sensor solution. Please contact us!

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