Sensors. Everywhere! Measuring at the point of action

With seamlessly integrated sensors in your applications, we ensure the best possible signal quality of the variable to be measured. To do this, we apply our expertise in microstructure technology and electronics and place the sensors as close as possible to the application site.

Hahn-Schickard supports you in the digitalization of your products. We develop sensors and sensor systems based on different physical operating principles and technologies and integrate them in your application – in whatever harsh environmental conditions might be present. If necessary, we apply commercially available sensor elements or develop them ourselves. For this purpose, we develop new technologies and processes to implement innovative microsystems under conditions suitable for series production. The sensor elements are combined with specially tailored readout electronics so that the result is a sensor system that is high-performance and usable in the application.

Complete solutions for microsystems

Hahn-Schickard has many years of experience in the development of sensor systems, covering the sensors themselves and the corresponding readout electronics. This makes it possible to develop a system with components that are perfectly matched to each other. Knowledge of scalable production technologies is already applied during the conceptual design of new systems. To this end, we use miniaturization in all technology sectors to develop solutions adapted to specified installation spaces. We apply complex process chains based on well-understood interrelations to ensure reliability, even under harsh environmental conditions.

Enabler for megatrends

We equip your components with a "sensory organ", the sensor, thereby creating a fundamental added value. This enables us to support you in following megatrends, such as Internet of Things, smart factory, smart home, and ambient assisted living.

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