Determination of thermal properties of gases

Use our expertise to develop your gas sensor system!

For gas measurement, we have developed a microchip with self-supporting microwires made of silicon. Through evaluation of different measured variables that the sensor provides, thermal conductivity, temperature conductivity, and if the density of the gas is known, also the specific heat output, can be determined. This is one possible method for analyzing even unknown gas mixtures.

Your partner for measuring gas properties

We develop sensors for you with which you can analyze gases. Thanks to an application-specific packaging and adapted evaluation electronics, the miniaturized sensor unit can be used for many applications. For example, it has been applied for efficient control of sensitive combustion processes and for determining the gross calorific values of natural gas mixtures. With the combination of an additional MEMS flow sensor, we developed a miniaturized sensor platform for medical application in the patient ventilation, which can be used as an OEM solution for a range of applications, particularly in emergency care. This resulted in the creation of a patient-near respiratory flow module for synchronous measurement of the flow rate, temperature, pressure, and CO2 partial pressure, which was previously not available on the market in this integration density and which opens new diagnostic applications.

Hahn-Schickard supports small to medium-sized companies in the development of their products. With the experience of our employees and the state-of-the-art technical equipment, we can offer a broad portfolio of technologies and services. In innovative projects with us, you can also profit from current funding programs. Are you looking for a partner who will accompany you from the idea all the way to commercialization? Then you should contact us!

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