Differential pressure sensors

Thermal flow sensor for measuring the smallest differential pressures

Thermal flow sensors are particularly well-suited for measuring the smallest differential pressures, since they also have their highest sensitivity at low flow speeds in addition to their great zero-point stability. The use of a thermal flow sensor offers the potential to reduce the costs to a tenth of that required for pressure sensor solution, if low gas leakage flows can be tolerated. We develop and optimize the correct differential pressure measurement range for your application.

Precise differential pressure channel with the manufacturing accuracy of MEMS technology

The monolithic integration of the flow channel in the MEMS chip led to a reliable technology that creates high-precision, capillary flow channels that are adjusted to the desired pressure drop. We offer you a solution for measuring the smallest differential pressures from a few Pa up to 1 bar.

Measurement ranges from a few Pa up to 1 bar

We invite you to profit from our many years of experience in dimensioning thermal MEMS sensors, particularly for adapting the silicon chip, dimensioning the flow channel, optimizing the fluid flow and integrating the electronics. To help your task, scalable and automated test stations based on LabVIEW and C# are available for characterization, adaptation of algorithms, and calibration.

In addition to industrial applications for building air conditioning, we have successfully implemented interdisciplinary projects in medical-technical ventilation for apnea therapy, smart gas metering, and for analytical dosing tasks.

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