Contamination-free dispenser for disinfectants and soaps

The dispenser that we developed is able to dispense disinfectant free of contamination. This dispenser was optimized especially for use in hospitals, and it makes an important contribution in the struggle against hospital infections.

This touchless disinfectant dispenser is extremely user-friendly, comes in an appealing design, and has particularly low energy consumption. As per the recommendations of scientific studies, the future user groups were involved in the development process in order to ensure that the dispenser would receive a high level of acceptance in everyday clinical practice. Management system interfaces for hand disinfection are available.

Compatibility with Euro bottles

All parts of the dispenser that come into contact with disinfectants are disposable and they are replaced when the bottle is replaced. The dispenser is compatible with the Euro bottles made by all the leading manufacturers. The energy consumption that is required for the dispenser has been reduced to a minimum thanks to FEM simulation and an innovative injection molding technology. The dispenser design, which was developed with a view to ensuring maximum ergonomics, was developed in cooperation with the Institute for Engineering Design and Industrial Design (IKTD) at the University of Stuttgart.

Wide range of application areas

The basic principle underlying the dispenser can also be used to deliver other highly viscous fluids (soaps, food, lubricants, ...). Please also note that we provide microdosing services for the smallest quantities of low-viscosity media. Please get in touch with us if you are interested.

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