Microdispenser + dosing valves

We are specialized in non-contact dosage of small amounts of liquids in the micro and nanoliter range on almost any substrate.

Non-contact dispensing methods for extremely low quantiles of liquids are important for a variety of applications - whether in pharmaceutical development or industrial coatings. These methods additionally enable the handling of (highly) viscous or particle-loaded media with high throughput and high parallelism.

Depending on your application and the rheological properties of your media, we adapt the dosing system to your specific needs. Our portfolio ranges from the printing of living cells to applications for in-vitro diagnostics and the printing of hot metal microdroplets. By combining conventional components, such as dispensing valves or precision syringe pumps with specially developed components, we can develop application-specific dispensing systems that meet the specific requirements of each application.

When developing dosing systems, we pay special attention to simple operation as well as reliability and disposable components for hygiene-critical applications to avoid cross-contamination.

Our technologies have already led to the foundation of two successful startup companies: BioFluidix GmbH in 2005, and Cytena GmbH in 2014. Current research topics in this field concentrate on the analysis of single cells or bacteria, which are separated and sorted in a controlled manner using drop-on-demand methods, and then examined individually using genotyping assays. Another focus of current research is 3D Bio-Printing for the production of artificial tissue, bone or organ-on-a-chip.

If we have aroused your interest, please contact us! We will gladly help you to find the right dosage solution for your problem.

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