Micropumps for high-precision dosing

We develop micropumps for your application, high precision with an integrated flow sensor system and optionally also with media separation for highest hygienic demands.

A wide range of different pump systems is available on the market for the multitude of various applications for transporting and dosing fluids and gases. Our research and development in the field of dosing focuses on osmotic and piezo-electric micropumps, as well as on electromagnetic piston pumps. One example is the touchless and contamination-free dispenser for soaps and disinfectants.

Simulation tools and integrated sensor system

With the use of powerful simulation tools, we design dosing systems and adapt them to your requirements. Set-up and test of the new systems are executed in modern laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, supported by the institute's own workshop. To obtain micropumps with outstanding features with respect to accuracy, energy efficiency and price, we combine the pump and dosing technology with a flow sensor system and micro-valve technology.

Development across all industries

We develop micropumps for such areas as medical engineering, life sciences, “white goods” (household appliances), food technology, pharmaceutics, and environmental technology, to name a few. We invite you to contact us with your specific application.

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