• Production of microsystems

    In our certified clean room, we produce bulk silicon micro-mechanical products and we are your reliable partner for low to medium quantities

In our production line, we develop customer-specific and component-specific process chains for the manufacture of micro-mechanical components, as well as their integration with the overall system. We then translate that into production. To ensure production capacity for the developed processes, close cooperation with our customers takes top priority as early as initial component development. We constantly maintain close contact with high-volume producers in order to ensure the option of mass production at the end of the development phase. This is true both for the production of silicon chips, as well as for the construction and connection technology that only adapts the majority of micro-mechanical components to the environment.

In addition to our full manufacturing processes for prototypes and serial production, all of our standard processes are also available as services. This means that individual process steps or even process sequences can be outsourced to the Hahn-Schickard clean room (e.g. to supplement or reduce pressure on the company's own production). All processes from development through to series production are implemented and documented in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9000:2008 Product-specific extensions of the quality standard have already been established in the past for customers in the medical technology industry, automotive industry or aerospace industry.


Dipl.-Phys. Peter Nommensen
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