Retrofit sensor system for production plants

Customized sensor solutions

Modern production plants today offer a variety of sensors for process monitoring and control. But how can older machines be prepared for digitization? We develop customized sensor solutions that can be installed as retrofitted components into existing systems. 

System-specific integration

Hahn-Schickard offers its own sensor solutions for monitoring standard production parameters, such as energy consumption, environmental conditions and mechanical characteristics (oscillations, vibrations, noise, pressure, voltage, and angle). Our portfolio of available sensors can be complemented by off-the-shelf components. Another one of our important competence fields is mounting and fastener technology for application- and system-specific integration. We also offer suitable interfaces for the further processing of the sensor data from a single source.

Sensors as the basis for data networking

Sensors that are developed and retrofitted for specific plants pave the way for your own and for commercial use of the obtained data, such as for real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. In addition, sensors facilitate the operation and maintenance of complex equipment in times of shortages of skilled workers, and they can help to ensure that your production remains efficient. We are happy to advise you!

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