Embedded electronics

We develop robust sensor and actuator systems for you on rigid and flexible printed circuit boards. With the help of special power-saving technologies, you receive systems with a long autonomy time.

We develop embedded electronic systems tailored to your requirements. Our focus is particularly on intelligent and robust sensor and actuator systems. This starts with us listening to your needs, jointly discussing requirements, then using all this information to create the requirement/technical specifications. After the system design has been coordinated with you, we develop the embedded electronics, including the relevant firmware, and integrate it into your product. At the end, you receive functional models which you can test in your own facilities. Upon request, we will gladly provide support for the certification and transfer to series production.

Power-saving electronics for sensor and actuator systems

We have many years of experience in the development of sensor systems for recording and processing an extremely wide variety of variables, such as air flow or deformation and from actuator controls, such as piezo lenses, always keeping a low power consumption in mind. The design of analog and digital circuits is one of our areas of expertise, as well as signal processing and data visualization, the implementation of various wired and wireless communication technologies (e.g., Bluetooth Low Energy), and the design of power management circuits (e.g., voltage regulators). Experts in hardware and software development are working hand in hand in the development of complex systems. At the customer's request, we design, construct and manufacture an enclosure customised to the target application, preferably with water and dust protection in accordance with your IP specifications.

Since developments performed in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, we can ensure a high quality of our embedded systems. We look forward to conducting your next development project in sensor and actuator technology together with you!

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