Environmental tests

Estimating premature failure of technical devices and products

Technical devices and products are frequently subject to severe climatic and operationally-related loads. that can result in a premature failure. To be able to estimate at an early stage how reliable a product is, we offer various environmental tests as a service.

Our services include thermal cycling tests, temperature shock tests, high temperature storage, vibration tests (natural frequency, sinusoidal, noise, shock) with temperature and humidity, as well as simultaneous online monitoring of current, voltage, and resistance. In addition, real operating conditions can be simulated by applying a voltage or current to the components. Performing the environmental simulations is done either based on common standards, such as IEC, IPC, JEDEC, MIL-STD, or based on individual customer specification. We also offer the thermal characterization of assemblies by means of IR thermography and Rth measurement as a service.

Statistical design of experiments and evaluation

We use the statistics software Minitab for the statistical design of experiments (DoE) and evaluation of the reliability tests. We use this software to evaluate the service life data generated in the environmental test and transfer them to the specific service life characteristics of a product. Our services include:

  • Multiphysics simulation: thermo-mechanical, electro-thermal, CFD, consideration of fiber orientation + internal stress + deformation from injection molding process
  • Service life calculation: thermo-mechanical fatigue (e.g., soldering points), delamination, development of new service life models
  • Thermal management: Calculation of hot spots, IR thermography, measurement of Rth
  • Determination of material data and preparation for the simulation: e-module, stress-strain curve, creep data, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, thermal capacity
  • Environmental tests: Thermal cycling and temperature shock, moisture-heat, vibration
  • Statistical design of experiments (DoE), evaluation and design optimization

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