Fluidic measurement technologies for volume verification of dispensing systems in the nanoliter and microliter range

Our fluidic measurement service covers a broad spectrum of services, from rheological characterization of fluids up to the measurement of the dispensed volume and small fluid flows

Our measurement technologies for determining the dispensed volume are based on a wide range of principles, from optical methods and gravimetric analysis to a commercially traceable, multi-channel volume verification system (MVS) from Artel.
In addition, we offer our customers the possibility to have the properties of their liquids determined. Our services range from rheological characterization to the measurement of other parameters relevant to their dispensing process, such as surface tension or contact angle.

For volume verification, we are specialized in small liquid droplets and jets in the microliter to nanoliter range. Our developed multi-principle volume measurement system combines online methods based on integrated and miniaturized measurement technology with offline methods. With our specially developed software and the combination of different measuring technologies, we have a suitable tool for the fully automatic verification of all types of liquid handling devices and non-contact dispenser.

Through our participation in the "Volumetric instruments" standards committee of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and as a proven expert for the ISO/TC 48/WG 5 Working Group "Liquid Handling Devices - Automatic", we can also use our competence in volume measurement for the creation of new standards.

Deviations of the dosed volume in application areas such as drug development, assay development or molecular diagnostics can have serious consequences. For this reason, the need for quality assurance in fluid supply is more important today than ever. If you, too, want to be sure that your dispensing devices or liquid handling systems work precisely, then we invite you to contact us!

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