Centrifugal LabCards enable laboratory automation with high integration density

The advantage of the centrifugal microfluidic LabCard platform lies in the high integration density, which enables parallel and automated processing of several samples

LabCards offer varied, tailor-made application options. Preparative as well as analytical assays can be automated. With the high degree of integration, many sample preparations such as DNA extractions, droplet generation for digital amplifications, or purification of proteins can be performed in parallel. For analytical applications, biochemical assays can be implemented on the LabCard, including reagent pre-storage, sample preparation, and readout. Examples include colorimetric assays or amplification reactions with optical detection of a fluorescence signal.

High integration density through innovative arrangement

Centrifugal platforms naturally offer only limited space for integrating functional structures close to the rotational axis. By tilting the fluid plane from the rotational plane, the space available for structures is increased. Furthermore, this allows arranging a multitude of LabCards in the shape of a ring in a retainer. Both modifications increase the degree of integration and, therefore, the number of processes that can be executed in parallel.

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