Micro-thermoforming + hot embossing

We use these technologies to fabricate a broad range of functional models for microfluidic applications in various polymers

With these fabrication technologies, a broad range of different structures can quickly and efficiently be fabricated from different polymers enabling a cost-effective proof-of-concept for your product idea. With the whole value chain covered, Hahn-Schickard considers all aspects regarding mass production already from the first part.

Even smallest structures are replicated

Thermoforming of plastic films enables a fast and accurate fabrication of microstructures in various polymer film materials. Microthermoforming is a systematic advancement of the blister technology, which is used in pill packaging in a mass production scale. Through optimized process control, we are able to form structures in the mm - µm range right next to each other enabling the fast implementation of complex fluidic networks.

With the hot embossing technology, we translate your ideas into functional models at very low tooling costs, which makes the technology especially useful as a preliminary stage to injection molding. Hahn-Schickard can produce semi-finished products inhouse from various polymer types – according to your needs – to be used for hot embossing.

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