Wireless data communication

Wireless communication is a crucial component of mobile systems.

The technologies that we use extend from near-field communication based on RFID and NFC in the millimeter to centimeter range, to varied short range wireless networks (SRWN) from the centimeter to meter range, up to solutions for long-distance traffic information and mobile communications (low power wide area networks, LPWAN & cellular IoT, cIoT).

We implement, integrate, and optimize real-time-capable protocols for data communication, especially of embedded systems for the Internet of Things. Here we primarily focus our interest on wired protocols (particularly TSN Ethernet), short range wireless networks (Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN, wireless M-bus) as well as wide area networks (LPWAN, NB-IoT, 5G).

The basis for mobile and energy self-sufficient sensor systems

For many years we have been developing communication systems. We understand developing as

  • Designing tailor-made wireless protocols and solutions
  • Optimizing standardized wireless protocols and solutions, e.g. with respect to throughput, energy demand, or the latency period
  • Efficiently implementing standardized and tailor-made wireless protocols and solutions
  • Using pre-developed software, firmware, and hardware modules
  • Testing and verifying wireless protocol implementations

Based on our extensive experience, we find efficient and reliable solutions, even for demanding challenges. In doing so, we support the continuous design of cyber-physical systems with end-to-end service products and security solutions.

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