Communications platforms

Cooperation between various intelligent systems within a smart home requires an integration and communication platform that can be used to overcome the boundaries of the individual systems.

Phrases such as "Alexa, turn on the lawn sprinkler" are featured in TV ad spots, and they have managed to pique the interest of many people in smart home technologies. The applications of voice control go far beyond the limits of controlling a single mobile device, as exemplified by the "Hey Siri" command for iOS or “OK Google” command for Android devices. However, an intelligent or smart home is also characterized by the networking and integration of various systems, ranging from everything from window shades to security functions to heating and the control of consumer electronics.

Communication platforms make it possible to link different technologies and systems with each other. For example, they make it possible to use solar energy to heat rooms through the intelligent control of the window shading system. We work with various wireless (ZigBee, Bluetooth, EnOcean, ...) and wired technologies (KNX, ...) and we use various communication platforms, ranging from open-source solutions like OpenHAB up to commercial home servers that are professionally installed by specialists.

As a founding member of the Smart Home & Living Baden-Württemberg e.V. association, we have been able to join with various players in Baden-Württemberg to jointly promote the smart home and smart living area as well as to create innovative solutions. We would also love to create such solutions together with you.

With kind support from IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg

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