Smart Home & Living Baden-Württemberg e.V. - The intelligent connected home

History of the association

The Smart Home & Living BW initiative was launched in May 2014 to make better use of the potential in the Smart Home and Living sector. The initiative eventually gave rise to the Smart Home & Living BW association in July 2016. The aim of the initiative is to create an innovation network in which all relevant stakeholders can participate. These include above all the areas of healthcare, comfort and quality of life, household and maintenance, security and privacy as well as communication and the social environment. The topics and challenges that are relevant to the initiative have been elaborated in more detail in a joint orientation paper.

Goals of the association

The Smart Home & Living BW e.V. association intends to harness the enormous market potential as well as economic opportunities and developments in the smart home and living area for the companies that reside in the state. The following are focus areas: Facilitating opportunities for identification and networking between key players in Baden-Württemberg, cooperation with regional initiatives and measures, demonstrating the possibilities of new technologies to satisfy existing needs, removing barriers to market entry on the supplier side, developing and testing new business models, informing and educating potential customers, and networking with European and international partners.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the transfer manager Bastian Inthasane. You can find his contact information on this page. You can obtain additional information at Phone + e-mail address: 07721 943 160 or info(at)

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