Individualized production with digital process chains

Individualized production enables the manufacturing of customized systems down to batch size 1. We develop and use digital process chains and planning tools to move from the product design directly to a reliable product.

We offer a complete process chain for the development and manufacture of individual products, such as smart sensors or plastic-based microsystems. Particular attention is paid to ensuring the reliability of such individual products. Quality during the production process is ensured through measures such as sensors that accompany the process, as just one example.

The mid-tier business 4.0 competency center for textiles is now connected

As part of the "Smart Sensor Systems for Production" showcase, at its Stuttgart location Hahn-Schickard is demonstrating the production of an individual sensor and the use of process-accompanying sensor technology in production, which was integrated into existing plants mostly via retrofit components. We offer customized solutions in close partnership with your company to implement the demonstrated innovations in practical industrial applications.

Quality-assured manufacturing

Benefit from our experience in the development and production of customized microsystems that have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. We are happy to advise you!