Fuel cells and electrolyzers for tomorrow's hydrogen society

Hahn-Schickard develops central components for fuel cells, electrolysis, and redox flow batteries. Innovative MEAs, membranes, and electrodes offer improved lifetimes and higher performance.

Water electrolysis uses electricity to convert water into hydrogen, which can then be stored. This process is reversed in the fuel cell, thereby generating electricity. Together, these systems form the basis of the future hydrogen economy, in which large amounts of energy from renewable sources can be flexibly stored and recovered. The fuel cell also enables emission-free mobility without range limitations or long charging times. Redox flow batteries supplement hydrogen technology as a means for storing large amounts of energy.

Innovative manufacturing concepts and cutting-edge characterization

The membrane electrode assembly (MEA) is critical to the performance and longevity of fuel cells, electrolytic cells and redox flow cells. Know-how in MEA development and MEA production is therefore our central focus. We develop MEA concepts, electrodes or composite membranes jointly to meet your requirements. In cooperation with the University of Freiburg, we have access to the latest large-scale characterization methods, and develop them ourselves: from test benches for materials analysis to nanotomography.

Your R&D partner for contract research and development

We are always interested in joint, publicly funded research and development projects, but we also offer our clients direct development and characterization services.