Automated sample preparation for proteomic analysis through mass spectrometry

Centrifugal microfluidics are used to automate the enzymatic digestion of proteins into a peptide mixture as well as to subsequently purify this mixture.

Biological mass spectrometry is increasingly becoming the standard tool of choice within laboratory medicine. Increased use is being made of so-called cohort screening, which is designed to achieve high accuracy and statistical significance for protein-based clinical biomarkers.
However, in many of these clinical trials, only minimal sample amounts (5-20μl) of body fluids are available. To date, there is no robotic technology capable of processing sample quantities of this size stably and in high throughput. The consequence of this is that the sample preparation is error-prone and expensive to perform by hand. 

Sample preparation through centrifugal microfluidic automation

Hahn-Schickard has solved this deficiency in the prior art through automation based on centrifugal microfluidics. This technology makes it possible to detect biomarkers in body fluids, which often exhibit small changes in quantity and are determined with high sensitivity and specificity. The company has developed an automated, precise and reproducible process for handling even the smallest sample quantities (<1μl) of body fluids. This automates the enzymatic digestion of proteins into a peptide mixture as well as their subsequent purification.

The development of these principles is being promoted by initiatives such as the NanoPrep project supported by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen „Otto von Guericke“ e.V. (AiF). We would be happy to develop specific solutions with you that are tailored to your problem. Have we piqued your interest? Then please get in touch with me!

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