Success stories

Sucessful product developments for our partners

Differential pressure sensor
For the Gruner company in Wehingen, we have developed a differential pressure sensor for controlling air conditioning systems. The sensor is based on a thermal flow measurement and has been produced in our clean room in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany for 10 years.

Inclination sensor
For the Leica company, we have developed liquid-based angle sensors. These are used in laser measuring devices and, in addition to distance measurement, they also make it possible to determine angle and height differences.

Braille modules
The Hahn-Schickard Braille modules are used to create a laptop for the blind. A new display surface makes graphics accessible for blind computer users.

Density Sensor: Rapid Transfer from Prototype to Product
What is the mineral content of mineral water? When does biogas contain enough methane to be allowed into the natural gas network? Measuring miniscule changes in the density of liquids or gases is important for many applications, and that is the core business activity of TrueDyne Sensors AG in Reinach, Switzerland.