Seal with the help of UV light

Working with Lohmann & Co., we have developed an optimal product solution for sealing processes using UV-LUX technology.

This technology enables Lohmann to offer – as the first company on the market to do so – an uncompromising and reagents-preserving seal with the highest resistance, developed using lab-on-a-chip solutions by means of a UV-light activatable sealing film.

"UV-LUX technology" is the world's first UV-light activatable adhesive tape solution. It is equally suitable for both semi-structural and structural tape, and makes many things considerably easier during the manufacturing process. Cold chains and heat input are made obsolete with a black tempering. This does not require any translucent or temperature-resistant materials. In addition to the initial adhesion, a color change can ensure precise, simple and safe production processes: In this way, the successful activation with a wavelength of 365 nm will be visible via a first color change in the tape. At the final tempering, the color changes again.

For lab-on-a-chip solutions, the new technology means that a new sealing method is available with a cold sealing seam strength that to this day remains unmatched. Activation with UV light is also possible outside the sealing station thanks to black tempering. This preserves the reagents and enables high sealed seam strength when there is UV light and/or temperature-sensitive reagents. Furthermore, there exists the option of carrying out the sterilization and activation in one step.

Process advantages:

  • The transparent product structure enables flawless photometric analysis
  • UV light activation is possible outside the sealing station thanks to black tempering
  • Because of this, the assay is preserved with the option of performing the sterilization and activation in one step
  • With "cold sealing," there is no restriction of the assay selection (in contrast to hot sealing)