Fresh air thanks to differential pressure sensors

An SMD-capable device was developed in collaboration with the Baden-Württemberg companies GRUNER AG and 2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG.

Since 2002, three million thermal differential pressure sensors have been produced by Hahn-Schickard and delivered to customers. These are utilized in ventilation and air-conditioning technology, as well as in building technology, such as that used in schools and hospitals

When employed in ventilation and air conditioning, the sensors regulate as needed and save energy. Through our integrated development of sensor package fluid with an application-suitable measuring range extension, we help our customers to press ahead with innovations and to safeguard jobs. This was the case with GRUNER, which was able to safeguard jobs and create at least three additional positions. Furthermore, our customer First Sensor AG reports that they safeguard 14 jobs with the 2.5 million differential pressure sensors that we supplied to them. We are pleased with this success and aspire to develop further innovations, such as in the respiratory diagnostics industry.