Invisible Tracing

Detagto offers an innovative method for mark-free and forgery-proof individual part tracing. With this method, objects that look absolutely identical to the human eye can be reliably distinguished from each other. For many companies, this individual part traceability represents a major economic added value, for example in production and quality management or in protection against product piracy. Until now, markings such as barcodes or data matrix codes have been used for this purpose, but they are not always applicable and are also susceptible to product counterfeiting. With its innovative IRIS technology (Identification based on Random and Individual Surface Patterns), Detagto offers a new method of identifying objects based on their natural surface structures in a way that is both mark-free and forgery-proof, thus helping companies to prevent damage caused by product piracy, unjustified recourse claims or inadequate quality and process quality.

The foundations of the highly innovative method have been laid in various research projects at Hahn-Schickard since 2016. Starting in 2021, the process has been commercialized by the two former Hahn-Schickard employees Dr. Benedikt Wigger and Christoph Gielisch as part of an Exist-Gründerstipendium, a funding program of BMWi and ESF. Hahn-Schickard accompanies the team as a supervising institute within the framework of the funding program.