Prototype production of functional models and near-series production samples

The production of prototypes in single-piece production or in an injection molding tool enables cost-effective testing of application properties and production options.

When building prototypes of functional models and near-series production samples, you can choose between all of our in-house production options. We can produce single components either directly or manufacture tools for injection molding that are then used as models. This is especially helpful when it comes to demonstrating the capability of the manufacture of a high-risk process.

Furthermore, all additional processes for refinement and functionalization can also be applied when building prototypes. For example, electrical circuits or sensor components can be implemented by means of printing technology and, in the field of micromounting, electronic components can be processed in or on the prototypes.

Great depth of technology for production

Our range of possibilities for manufacturing prototypes is based on the high level of production technology within our facilities. This technology benefits our customers in their production orders for the manufacture of prototypes. We also offer a wide range of technologies that can be combined according to individual requirements. We'll gladly provide you an in-depth introduction to these during an on-site visit so that you can also become inspired for your ideas.

Through our many years of experience in the field of tool manufacturing and rapid manufacturing, we offer flexible and cost-effective production for your individual components, prototypes and small series. Do you also need advice for a custom solution? Then get in touch with us.

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