Printing technologies for custom solutions

Printing technologies enable resource-friendly and cost-effective build-up of functional structures, such as traces and printed sensors, for use in industrial applications or medical applications.

Digital processes, such as ink-jet and Aerosol Jet®, are available that allow processing conductive and insulating inks to build up single-layer systems or multilayer systems. These systems are used in sensors, such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors and moisture sensors, or for chip contacting. In addition to the printing techniques there are possibilities for substrate pretreatment, such as plasma processes; for post-treatment there are sintering methods, such as the PulseForge method. The entire printing process can be mapped in this manner.

In addition to the digital printing technologies, screen printing can also be used as a thick-layer method for applying conductive layers or insulating layers on 2D surfaces.

Digital printing technologies for functional structures

Through our many years of experience with public and industrial project work, we have deep expertise in creating layouts for printed structures. Virtually all materials can be functionalized with the system technology available in-house for printing, pre-treatment, and post-treatment. Concept development of printed structures, such as sensors, can be supported through simulations for customer-specific problems. The primary applications of printed structures are for printed traces, heating structures, sensor structures (such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, intrusion sensors, and antenna structures) or the contacting of bonded chips. In current research projects the processes, technologies, and applications are being further developed on an ongoing basis.

From concept development to prototyping

Printing technologies are fully-additive processes that are environmentally-friendly as well as cost-effective, due to the low material consumption. For customer-specific solutions the Hahn-Schickard offering starts with consulting and concept development, progresses to feasibility studies, material trials and the development of printing processes, on through to building up of printed functional structures and investigating the reliability of these functional structures.

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