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Scalable hydrocarbon CCMs for next-generation technologies (105°scaled)

In 105°scaled, hydrocarbon-based membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) are being developed for both fuel cells and electrolysis to be competitive with established PFAS-based MEAs.

The 105°scaled project focuses on the further development of two important technologies: alkaline membrane electrolysis and the hydrocarbon proton exchange membrane fuel cell.

Hydrocarbon MEAs for proton exchange membrane fuel cells at 105°C enable the use of smaller cooling systems, resulting in cost advantages. This property is particularly important for heavy-duty applications and is a necessary prerequisite for the possible use of fuel cells in aircraft. Therefore, an MEA based on hydrocarbon polymers is to be developed in 105°scaled that makes this possible. The particular focus of the project is on controlling and improving water management in the Pt/C catalyst-based electrodes.

The development of hydrocarbon MEAs for stable, iridium-free AEM electrolysis operation is of great importance because iridium is extremely rare and costly. By using alternative materials, costs can be reduced and resources can be conserved. The 105°scaled project aims to bring CCMs for AEM electrolysis much closer to market readiness. By developing tailor-made test stands for AEM electrolysis at Hahn-Schickard, this development can be significantly accelerated.


Skalierbare Hydrocarbon CCMs für next-generation Technologien: Heavy-Duty-Brennstoffzellen bei 105°C und Iridium-freie alkalische Elektrolyse mit Membran (105°scaled)
Project Management Jülich
Funding Number
01.06.2023 to 31.12.2025
Cooperation Partner
ionysis GmbH, Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) at the University of Freiburg


Frieder Junginger

+49 761 216 361 711 Contact


  • Electrochemical energy systems
  • AEM electrolysis
  • PEM electrolysis
  • Redox flow batteries