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Personalized sepsis diagnostics through combined pathogen and biomarker analysis (DiagnoSeps)

Holistic sepsis diagnostics and management through combined molecular biology and immunology testing on an integrated, automated platform for an improved and personalized therapeutic approach.

Sepsis is life-threatening with very high incidence and mortality rates worldwide. If diagnosed early and correctly, therapeutic concepts are available, but this is exactly where the current diagnostic approaches and workflows are suboptimal.
The goal is sepsis diagnostics and management consisting of three basic pillars: (i) the highly sensitive, specific, universal detection of pathogens, as well as their antibiotic resistances, for the initiation of personalized therapy; (ii) the analysis of protein biomarkers, for the differentiation of infection-related or non-infection related sepsis, and as a basis for defining the sepsis staging; (iii) this concept will be implemented in the compact, automated, modular DiagnoSeps Analyzer, which will allow expansion to a throughput level of up to 100 samples per day if required.

The project will lead to significant improvements in patient diagnostics and therapy management. In addition, it has a risk-minimizing effect on laboratory workflow as well as on socio-economic aspects of healthcare systems through cost savings.

Integrated sepsis diagnosis and management platform (DiagnoSeps)
VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH
Funding Number
01.04.2023 to 31.03.2026
Cooperation Partner
Mast Diagnostica GmbH, Askion GmbH, Xpedite Diagnostics GmbH, PolyAn GmbH, University Hospital Erlangen, Section of Experimental Oncology and Nanomedicine
Maturity Level



Konstantinos Mitsakakis

+49 761 203 73252 Contact


  • Point-of-need applications
  • Infectious diseases
  • Vector control
  • One Health
  • Nucleic acid + protein assay integration