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- 2023

Black Forest Nanopore Meeting 2023 highlights major advances in nanopore research

A review of the first conference of the Clusters4Future initiative nanodiag BW in Freiburg

The Black Forest Nanopore Meeting (BFNM) 2023, organized by the Clusters4Future nanodiag BW from November 6-9 in Freiburg, Germany, has concluded as a success. The conference brought together almost 200 scientists and engineers from all over the world and from various disciplines who engaged in lively discussions. It became clear once again that single molecule sensing with nanopores will become a key diagnostic technology in the near future. For instance, nanopore technology offers a faster, cheaper and potentially more reliable way than current methods to detect post-translational modifications in proteins that are particularly important for epigenetic regulation, e.g. in cancer.  

Fruitful exchange between research and industry 

A focus of BFNM 2023 was the quest to use nanopores as sensors in proteomics: from the analysis of post-translational modifications to protein sequencing, another the seamless integration of nanopore technology into diagnostic workflows for personalized and precision medicine. The conference enabled an early exchange between the various disciplines required for the successful transfer of these approaches into clinical practice. Remarkable advances in research and technology transfer were presented. Around 40 lectures and more than 70 scientific posters brought together the latest results from around the world under the roof of the Friedrichsbau in Freiburg's city center and were complemented by an impressive Industrial Forum reflecting the state of commercial activities in this field. 

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