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550 high-tech jobs in Baden-Württemberg

Ten start-ups have up top now spun off from Hahn-Schickard: Endress+Hauser BioSense in Freiburg and Detagto in Stuttgart were added in 2021.

Analyzing changes or contaminations in food and thus making the food supply safer is the declared goal of the joint venture between Endress+Hauser and Hahn-Schickard. The new company Endress+Hauser BioSense, headed by former Hahn-Schickard employees Dr. Martin Schulz and Dr. Stefan Burger, is designed to enable rapid on-site molecular analysis of bacterial or viral contamination in water and beverages, genetic changes in food or contamination of milk. This brings the number of newly created high-tech jobs in Hahn-Schickard spin-offs to around 270 - in Freiburg alone. It remains exciting to see which companies will set out in 2022 ...
An overview of the spin-offs by year of foundation

The oldest company is BioFluidix, which has been offering liquid handling automation solutions since 2005. In the BioSpot workstation, dispensing modules work together with optical process control systems to guarantee precise dispensing of a wide variety of liquids onto all surfaces.

Since 2014, cytena has been selling laboratory devices that isolate, sort and dispense single human cells or bacteria encapsulated in picoliter droplets. Meanwhile, cytena and over a hundred employees are part of BICO, a bioconvergence company comprising 13 companies and covering a portfolio of technologies, products and services in the medical/life sciences sector.

Spindiag, a medical technology spin-off founded in 2016, has now grown to over 110 employees and has been on the market since 2020 with its Rhonda rapid PCR test.

Dermagnostix, which was founded at the end of 2020 and has been registered in the commercial register since 2021, has successfully completed its seed round and has since raised a seven-figure sum. The molecular test for distinguishing psoriasis from eczema is to be launched on the market as a rapid test in 2023.

The Stuttgart-based company Detagto, which was incorporated in 2021, is in the starting blocks. 2 former Hahn-Schickard employees have founded the start-up to trace components without marking, keywords "counterfeit protection" and "security". We wish them every success for the next financing rounds.

Together with the 280 employees at Hahn-Schickard, this network now represents 550 high-tech jobs in Baden-Württemberg.



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