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    Integration, miniaturization, parallelization, and automation of biochemical analyses

Lab-on-a-chip systems are virtuosos in analysis control. For example, they enable complex assays to run fully automatically, reaction volumes to be reduced by several orders of magnitude, or high-grade analyses to run in parallel. This is made possible through the skillful use of effects on the micro-scale and macro-scale on disposable test elements.

The vision of lab-on-a-chip systems is the "pocket lab" that offers the functionality of a fully equipped analysis laboratory on a small test element. This is enabled through skilled control of fluids in micro-channels that are integrated in inexpensive plastic test elements.

Our research and development is oriented to efficient platforms for integration, automation, miniaturization, and parallelization of analyses and assays. In this regard we have years of experience in integrating established laboratory procedures, such as PCR, LAM P, RPA, immunoassays and enzymatic tests, but new, innovative, and customer-specific analyses can also be efficiently automated on our platforms. Moreover, we offer our own biological assays in the area of DNA/RNA analytics and immunoassays that are optimally suited for implementation in lab-on-a-chip systems.

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