6. - 9. November 2023, Freiburg im Breisgau

BFNM 2023 Program Overview

Call for Papers is open until September 15, 2023

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Call for papers:

Please submit your abstract by using the dedicated template to bfnm-submission(at)hahn-schickard.de until September 15th 2023!


Monday 6 November

13:00 Opening (Registration desk open from noon)


Session 1 Protein Sequencing: State-of-the-art and alternative prospects

Invited Talks


Session 2 Sample Enrichment Strategies for Mass Spectrometry

Invited Talks

  • Jesper V. Olsen (Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (CPR), Copenhagen University)
  • Karl Mechtler (Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna)
  • NN / ContrTalk (tba)


One-minute poster stage presentations

Poster Session with beer & pretzels

Tuesday 7 November


Session 3 Biological Nanopores

Invited Talks


Session 4 Micro- & nanofluidic Integration of Nanopores

Invited Talks


Session 5 Molecular Transport through Solid State Pores

Invited Talks


Industrial Forum


Poster session with beer & pretzels

Conference Dinner at the Historical Merchants' Hall

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Wednesday 8 November


Session 6 Protein Detection Approaches

Invited Talks


Session 7 Theory and Modelling

Invited Talks


Social Activities in and around Freiburg

Special Guest Evening Lecture with Drinks (tbc)

Thursday 9 November

Session 8 Data Analysis and Computational Approaches

Invited Talks


Session 9 Outlook

Invited Talks


12:00 End of event